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Empowering your industry to Eliminate Downtime

We Eliminate Downtime through empowering your contingency planning based on stock levels and time to receive assets, chemicals, and materials on site. All done with a few clicks of a keypad on your laptop or mobile device.

Do you source and supply Assets, Materials or Chemicals and would benefit from insights into industry demand data to make optimised inventory decisions?


Critical Assets lets you:

1. See demand for Assets, Materials and or Chemicals tracked in the market

2. Allow customers to self-serve and view stock levels of Assets, Materials and or Chemicals, saving you time answering the same questions each day by phone and email.

3. Access market insights on national demand, onshore and offshore resilience and opportunities to diversify based on demand trends.


See video below for more info. 


An intelligent online platform for you to find what you are looking for in one location. Giving the vital knowledge you need to risk manage your operations. Starting with those critical assets, materials, and chemicals you can’t afford to be without.


Save money from day one. You no longer need to purchase ahead of time. Manage inventory the smart way. Know exactly where the asset you need is and make procurement decisions, ensuring the delivery time is within an acceptable range, ensuring zero service downtime and avoiding any cost blowouts.


The Critical Assets Portal empowers you to track current and historical asset availability, delivery time and the average cost for each item. Reduce your capital outlay by knowing the availability of any asset, material or chemical any time.


See video below for more information.


Secure any item to site with smart transportation networks at a fixed price. 


Critical Deliveries’ connections within the aviation industry will ensure you access delivery of the item you need.


The Critical Deliveries platform is free to use – there is no time like the present to register and load your first job and have the confidence it will arrive on time.


For more info see https://criticaldeliveries.com.au


How it works

Critical Events will happen within your business. Be part of a platform that tracks stock levels (supply) and Users need (Demand) of Assets, Materials and Chemicals to Eliminate Unwanted Downtime. Quite simply - Reducing Downtime is an increase in profit. Watch how we do it

How Does It Work

Eliminating Downtime


Using Critical Assets for success

Our software was used to track and source a large valve unique to an offshore manufacturer. Critical Assets was able to connect to an unknown supplier with a spare valve. This saved an expected 28-days downtime through the connection of supply and demand. This valve is now manufactured in Australia. Your business can be part of this too.
Delivery Time (Days)
$ 0
Average Cost
Supply (Number Available)
Demand (Number of others tracking the same asset)


Made for you

The mobile-friendly app can go anywhere with you. The Critical Assets Software requires a phone or laptop to track your asset, material or chemical availability. Imagine being on the road, having an urgent requirement. Just add it to your tracking list and be connected with the closest supplier to your location. We’ve lived and delivered Operations, Crisis Management, Asset Management Strategy, and Emergency Works first hand and stand by our product allowing you to sleep easy as we work together on your journey to Eliminate Unwanted Downtime.
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